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Will Writing

The law changes all the time, make sure what you put in place twenty years ago is still valid today.

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Lasting Power of Attorney

Would you prefer to have a government official look after your affairs or somebody you love and trust?

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Funeral Plans

Plan your funeral, give your family peace of mind and save them money.

About Us

Wills, Power of Attorney and Estate Planning services.

MGM Wills & Estate Planning provides a cost effective, professional and above all personal service. We understand that thinking about death is not something everyone wants to confront head on. We are excellent at putting people at their ease, letting them tell us their wishes and without fuss or rush we prepare the Will and explain what's needed for it to be validated. Increasingly we are asked to prepare Power of Attorney at the same time as doing Wills. As we live longer, but not necessarily healthier lives, it is key to have a document that says who will make decisions for you about health and finances if you are not able to make them for yourself anymore.

WE are a husband and wife team.

Mitch Lucke

Estate Planner
Mitch has worked many years alongside the Institute of Professional Will writers to help people plan their estates and make sure the right people receive what’s due to them. His main focus has always been customer service.

Grace Lucke

Accounts Manager
Behind every successful man is an equally successful and well-organised women. Grace works on the administrative side and makes sure everything is running smoothly.

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What clients say about the service they receive from MGM Wills is more powerful than anything that we can say ourselves.

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